I am going into Year 10, what do I need to know?

How many subjects do I study in Year 10?

At Pulteney Grammar, students undertake 7 subjects per semester within Year 10.

Are there any subjects that I must study in Year 10?

Year 10 students at Pulteney Grammar will undertake the following subjects:

Full Year Subjects:

  • A Mathematics subject
    • Either Mathematics OR Core Mathematics
  • An English subject
    • Either English OR Essential English OR English as an Additional Language
  • Science
  • Students will undertake one Wellbeing line which includes, House, Chapel and Wellbeing programs, Futures education, as well as other experiential learning opportunities for students to develop their agency as learners.

Semester Subjects:

  • History
  • Physical Education (one semester compulsory)
  • Exploring Identities and Futures (EIF)
  • 5 ‘semesters’ of elective subjects (this can be a combination of full year or elective subjects)

Can I withdraw from a subject and, if so, by when?

It is an expectation that students will undertake a full study load for the duration of both semesters. This will ensure that students have the best opportunity to meet Pulteney Grammar, Australian Curriculum and SACE expectations.

Alleviations to subject loads in Year 10 would only be considered in very exceptional circumstances in consultation with the Head of Inclusive Education and the Head of one ninety and a formal exemption from study. They are more readily considered should a student be undertaking (or have undertaken) an external course(s) which will award (or have awarded) SACE credits.

Can I change subjects after beginning a course?

Students have the opportunity to change from one subject to another at the beginning of the individual semesters. However, this change must take place before the end of the second week of Term 1 and Term 3. Following this, changes will not be considered.

Should a student wish to make the decision to change subjects, they are to approach their subject teacher and Head of House to have detailed discussion regarding the potential consequences. Following this discussion, students must obtain written parent approval for the final decision to be considered and potentially approved.

Students are, however, encouraged to plan their subjects carefully the year before and avoid disruptions to the start of studies by requesting changes at the start of the year.

Can I do a VET course in Year 10?

Some VET courses are available to Year 10 students. For more information please see our VET page

How do I know what subjects to choose so as to qualify for a potential tertiary degree or course?

Studies at Year 10 will not impact on Tertiary entrance.

However, knowledge of the requirements may help with backward planning from Year 12. Tertiary course prerequisites are different for each individual institution. Further differences exist from state to state. Students are therefore highly encouraged to visit or contact the individual institutions they are considering.

The Subject Selection Process for Year 10 2024

The subject selection process at Pulteney follows this pattern each year (click on the image to enlarge):


What are my next steps?

What do I do next to support my child in selecting their subjects? (click on the image to enlarge)

Who do I ask for more information?

To further assist you with subject selection, a list of contact addresses can be found below. Subject specific questions should be directed to the Learning Area Leader. More general enquiries should be directed to your child’s Head of House. 

Year 10 Subject Selection Process and Key Dates

Year 9 Subject Selection Assembly   Week starting 14 August  
Initial Preferences link sent As above
Initial preferences due via web preferences  Thursday 24 August 
Final preferences due Thursday 7 September at 4.00pm
Subject Counselling Tuesday 17 October 


Learning Area Leaders and Key Contacts
English - Mr John McCall
Humanities - Mr Richard Boe
Languages - Mrs Kirsty Hickman-Davis
Mathematics - Dr Michelle Coop
Performing Arts - Mr Jonathon Rice
Physical Education - Mr Matt Down
Science - Mr Richard Drogemuller
Visual Arts & Technologies - Ms Lauren Sutter
EIF/AIF (PLP/Research Project) - Mr Simon Sharley
Vocational Education & Futures - Mrs Leeanne-Johnston-Bryan
Inclusive Education and Learning Support - Ms Carrie Phillis
Gifted and Talented - Mrs Sue Mavropoulos
SACE - Ms Nadia Maglica


The information found within this guide concerns subject choices and further tertiary studies. Every effort has been made to obtain up-to-date and correct information. However, details for courses, at Pulteney, at tertiary institutions and offered through the SACE Board, are subject to change. Students are advised to contact the relevant Pulteney Learning Area Leader, SACE or tertiary institution to verify any information contained in this curriculum guide.



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